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Raising Peachicks

So you want to raise some peacocks from hatchlings?

Here is what most sellers won't tell you .....

Raising peafowl is not easy!!! The largest number of deaths are caused from starvation or being put on the ground too early. Until at least a month old it is a constant watching and ensuring your young peachicks are eating and drinking properly. Most chicks you can dip their beaks in water and you are good to go. Most chicks will automatically search out a feed dish as well. Not so much with peachicks, they are beautiful birds but sometimes not the smartest kids on the block when it comes to eating and drinking.

There are tricks that a person can do to entice them to eat and drink. Marbles for example, quarters, sockets,.... as you can see we are going for shiny type objects. Peachicks like shiny items and will peck at it to see what it is. REMEMBER THOUGH, what ever you use in their food and water dishes make sure they are VERY CLEAN AND STERILE before you put them in their dishes.

Peachicks should be on a medicated chick starter. They do not get their immunity until they reach at least 4 months of age. They can go downhill so fast that it is already too late before you catch that they are not feeling well. Having medications on hand is a must when it raising peafowl. If you have to wait to have it shipped in, then it will more than likely be way beyond you needing it as they will have already passed by the time it comes in.

Peachicks should not be put in the ground until they are at least 4 months of age. Now a lot of people will tell you differently and that is your choice if you want to gamble that. Just remember, they don't get their immunity until they are at least 4 months of age. So again... make sure you have medication ON HAND when you first put them on the ground as well.

I usually keep my chicks on medicated feed for another month after they have been put outside. Once they reach 5 months of age I start them on a different feed program for growing chicks.