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Bubbles Feathered Beauties

Quality, well cared for and very loved feathered beauties raised right

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Bubbles Feathered Beauties

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Jesi : 5 Star

This woman has given me so much valuable advice and i cant wait to purchase birds from her in the future 

Sherrie : 5 Star

I have known Kim for over 20 years and she has always had animals that are well taken care of. She loves them and cares for them as if they were her very own "kids". Looking forward to see what is yet to come from Kim!

Yvonna : 5 Star

I love the animals, kim takes really good care of them!! 

Dessirae : 5 Star

Purchased a beautiful purple peachick . Looking forward to getting more next season 

Kristy : 5 Stars

Kim is an excellent an excellent person. She takes great care of her animals. I got a horse from her that she rescued. I am looking forward to getting some peacocks from her very soon. 

Janica : 5 stars

I know Kim, she works so hard and it's wrong for someone to put her down and make her look bad.

She works hard and love them animals and she dose take good care of her animals. She a very Hard worker. 

Terry : 5 Stars

I met Kim a couple yrs ago, when I bought my bird Jade from her. She is an amazing woman. Kim is Devoted to her "Babies". She goes Above & Beyond giving of her Heart, Soul, Money, Time, Blood, Sweat & Tears for the animals she raises & Rescues. I have watched in Awe as she takes in rescues that are sick, beyond thin with skin sinking around bones & she Loves, Feeds, Nurses them to Health. They are All her Babies & Blessed to have Her. 

Jennifer : 5 Stars

Kim is totally awesome! I have looked everywhere for a turkey or two and she hatched me 3! I'm so excited to see the beautiful colors they turn into! Thanks again Kim! You rock! 

Steve : 5 Stars

I am very impressed with the knowledge and the Pekin ducks that I obtained from here. I highly recommend her!

Regina : 5 Stars

This lovely lady loves her animals i know because i obtained some and they are so gentle and loving not shy just in your lap love me animals even the fowl and i saw how clean everything was where she raises them one amazing lady with lots of love in her heart the way she is great with people too :)

Michael : 5 Stars

Nothing but beautiful healthy birds. Will definitely be going to her again. Plus she is only 10 mins down the road from me. 5 Stars! 

Maestas Family Mini Farm

Finally got my ducks a new boyfriend. Hopefully now they will start laying again, and stop mating each other. Thank you to Bubbles Feathered Beauties for this very handsome drake. If anybody is looking for quality birds check her page out.

Jessica : 5 Stars

Such a wonderful lady to speak too! Great seller, very knowledgeable, very sweet and has beautiful animals on her little farm. 

Maestas Family Mini Farm

So as most of you know, we hatched our very first chick from our new incubator the other day. Unfortunately, my incubator went crazy and hit 104 degrees killing all but one egg. I was so happy with the duck that I got from Bubbles Feathered Beauties I decided to message her to see if she could help provide me with some couple day old chicks to keep our new friend company. She made me such a great deal, I ended up bringing home 13 new friends! This takes our flock size to 36 Chickens and 3 ducks. Hopefully the next batch of eggs to go in the incubator will yield a higher hatch rate. If not, I will definitely be going back to Kim.

Annette : 5 Stars

I love our ducks. They are so beautiful and happy and healthy. They love there new home. I am very pleased. thank you...

Vivian : 5 Stars

I've known Kim for over 40 years and her knowledge and dedication to animals is unlike no other . Always willing to help out with any problems or questions I've had with my own animals. Thank you for everything you do! 

Kristy : 5 Stars

I have known Kim for about two years. I have watched her build her business up from nothing. All the hard work that she puts into her animals and business is just amazing. Every animal holds a special place in her heart. The animals are not just a business for her but they are also her children. Everything that has to be done on her property she does herself when her husband is not home to help. Kim is all around great person that loves what she does and her animals. If I have a question about any animal on how to take care of it she is the first person I ask. She is full of knowledge 

AfterShock Trucking LLC : 5 Stars

Grade AAA animals love the place great care taker 

Jim : 5 Stars

I purchased 10 guinea hen chicks from Kim. She was a pleasure to deal with and all the chicks were very hardy and have grown into nice young hens. 

Diana : 5 Stars

I have known Kim for over forty years. She is wonderful with animals she would never do harm to am animals. Kim is a wonderful women and i love the way she treats all animals. 

Elizabeth : 5 Stars

I recently purchased 7 peacocks from Bubbles feathered and I am so happy with these birds! They are very healthy! So friendly! I will definitely be purchasing more fowl in the near future! 

Courtney : 5 Sars

I have known Kim for quite a few years. We purchased a wonderful Friesian Mare from Kim. Our mare was well cared for and it absolutely amazing. Kim goes above and beyond to care for her animals and ensure they will have great homes when rehoming. Kim puts countless hours into rescuing animals, caring for her animals, and raising beautiful healthy animals! I would and will highly recommend Kim to anyone looking for birds and other livestock. Her knowledge of animals is wonderful and I have built a wonderful relationship with Kim and I'm so proud to call her my friend! She is my number one go to person when I have questions with my horses and other animals. I will guarantee you will not be disappointed with her professionalism, knowledge, and quality of her animals! I wish I could give her more than 5 stars!!! THANK YOU KIM!! Our mare we purchased was all we expected and more!! 

Pamela : 5 Stars

Kim obviously takes exceedingly good care of what she has. I have found her to be a very honest person with very reasonable prices. I would highly recommend dealing with her. 

Jes : 5 Stars

I recently purchased chickens, guineas and a peacock from Kim. They are all happy, healthy, quality birds. I have worked with breeders from all over the country and Kim had the best stock out of all of them. I will definitely be purchasing more animals in the future! 

Cori : 5 Stars

I purchased 5 frizzle chicks from Kim they were well cared for and were in a VERY clean cage. She ended up showing me all of her other animals and I can honestly say she has the cleanest farm I have seen and takes such good care of ALL her animals. Be they rescued or her personal pets she clearly loves them all. She is also amazingly helpful to a newbie chicken owner! Thank you so much! 

Paula : 5 Stars

Bubbles Feathered & Horned is an amazing place with animals and fowl that are extremely well cared for. The owner Kim does everything in her power to make sure that rescues adjust well to their new surroundings and start the mending process. BF & H and staff (Kim) are highly knowledgeable and if they don't know the answer it takes no time at all to go out and find it, as her network of professionals is extensive. Thank you BF & H for being such an advocate for our coated and feathered friends alike!!! 

Makayla : 5 Stars

Kim takes absolutely wonderful care of her animals! She baught a horse from me and i gave her two goats and i am so happy with the home she has provided them with!! 

Taylor : 5 Stars

Michelle : 5 Stars

Kim is awesome and takes excelled care of her animals. Beautiful healthy birds, honest lady. I would buy from her any day! 

Shannon : 5 Stars

What a pleasure to meet this awesome lady!! She was full of great advice and tips on how to care for our two baby turkeys - first time with turkeys! I would absolutely buy from her again! Fair pricing and so wonderful to talk to. Thank you Kim!!

Carolyn : 5 Stars

I met this wonderful woman Kim today to buy a showgirl Roo, which I love...all her animals are so well cared for and loved. I will be buying from her again in the near future. I highly recommend Bubbles Feathered Beauties to anyone wanting a high quality bird, chicken, duck, goose etc...

Jessica : I would LOVE to get about 6 more silkie hens. Totally in love! They are so sweet and hang out with the family already! I'm excited, I love lap chickens ! ! ! ! ! I took one for a ride in the car today and she slept behind my head ! lol

Deborah : This is a special lady who works, never sleeps, takes care of every animal in her care. Rescues anything that needs rescued and deserves a lot of credit for being a special human being. My pleasure to have made you my friend.

Nancy : I've had your eggs and they're wonderful

This is a post one of my happy clients did on a group in FB

James : Hope this is allowed here, if not I understand,

First off I've been talking to a lady by the name of Kimberley Carlstrom​​ about acquiring some birds to add to the flock here, and I have got to say not only is she willing to meet with you, answer all the questions I have/had, but the chickens and guineas I got from her are everything she said that they were, even what she said didn't prepare me to see them, they are beautiful, happy, and healthy animals. I would recommend her for all she has, she takes great pride in what she does, and it shows in talking to her, and in the quality of her animals, oh and I almost forgot, very fair pricing.

Tiffany : 5 Stars

Kimberly was very professional. She gave me an awesome deal on her barnyard mix chicks. She had them all ready for pick up when I arrived. Will definitely use her again if need be.

Cecilia : 5 Stars

I met Kimberley today and bought two beautiful silkies from her. She was very kind and friendly. I look forward to buying more chickens from her

Derick : 5 Stars

Super sweet lady loves her animals. Very knowledgeable, she will answer all the questions you have. I will only buy from her. You will be very happy.