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Bubbles Feathered Beauties

Quality, well cared for and very loved feathered beauties raised right

Silkie Chicken

Difference Between a Showgirl, Silkie, Sizzle, Frizzle and Frazzle

Frizzle is a term used to designate that a chicken possesses the gene that causes their feathers to curl. Frazzle, more commonly called curley is when the bird has two copies of the frizzle gene, which over curls the feathers and causes structural problems with them--they become brittle and break, often leaving a nearly naked chicken.

Frizzle can occur, and is recognised for every breed: frizzled blue cochin, frizzled barred rock, frizzled mille fleur d'uccle, frizzled bbr oegb, frizzled red pyle asil, etc.

Sizzle is essentially a frizzled silkie without silkie feathering; a frizzled silkie would have silkie feathering. Sizzle is being worked on as a new breed, not as a new variety of silkie.

Frazzle is a term used to refer to A Frizzle that has two frizzled parents resulting in brittle over frizzled feathering and/or feather skin issues.

Showgirl is basically a cross between a Turken and another bird. It is a bare necked chicken, usually silkies.

Bearded is fluffy, elongated feathers that appear below the beak of some birds

Muff is the fringe that forms on a bird’s cheeks

1st picture is a Sizzle, 2nd picture is a Silkie, 3rd picture is a Frizzle, 4th picture is a Frazzle. This is a picture of one I was given to keep safe. He has since grown all his feathers back but he has to stay away from any other roosters as it won't take much for him to go back to looking like this due the fact his feathers are so brittle. 5th picture is a Showgirl.